Our services


Select the right staff for your organization

JuhlerGroup is able to provide permanent and temporary staff within a wide range of industries and positions, from Receptionists to Managing Directors. We make a careful selection based on personal interviews, skills tests, personality tests as well as reference checks from former employers. We also seriously consider the culture of our clients organizations, thus ensuring that the chemistry is right between the company and the new employee.

We therefore need to know your organization extremely well and adopt a thorough review of strategic intent regarding your human capital needs before proceeding with any assignment.

Our ‘way of working'

We take great pride in our desire to partner with not only HR practitioners but also hiring managers in our client organisations – this means we understand the full scope of the role for which we are engaged, and can ‘fill in those gaps’ that usually are present in Job Descriptions. Thereafter we are well placed to source candidates that best meet client criteria, ensuring greater levels of client satisfaction.

We take integrity to extreme levels too, as a core value and ‘top of mind’ in everything we do. Consultants work with only one client in one vertical industry or domain – this preserves integrity, ensures that your strategies are better protected, and secures your organisation chart from predatory approaches from your consultant partner. Clients tell us that our unique partnership approach gives them better peace of mind.

Our approach and relationship with candidates is taken every bit as seriously as with our clients. We interview every candidate prior to profiling for our clients, and specifically for this particular role. Candidate confidentiality and client confidentiality is preserved until such times as both parties agree to be made known to each other. Our Mantra in this regard we term thus. “Bringing people together… with integrity”